Pregnancy can be exciting and it can be challenging at the same time. You have to carry the weight of two, and if you are pregnant with twins make it three, with your ever growing belly bump. No matter if you had thought about it earlier or not, this growing bump can cause all sorts of hindrances let alone causing trouble as you sleep. Nevertheless, if you are missing full night’s sleep for some time, you should consider investing in a product like Jill and Joey pregnancy pillow wedge which can actually cradle you through the night.

Packed with a range of features and giving you everything that you need for ultimate comfort during pregnancy, this pillow wedge is definitely worth a try.

Jill and Joey Pregnancy Pillow Wedge Reviews

A Pregnant women slpeeing with Jill and Joey Pregnancy Pillow

You hear of memory foam and you believe that you’ll be provided with some giant cuddle. Yeah, that sounds great! Just imagine how wonderful it would feel to rest your baby bump, knees or back against the pillow that is made with the stuff. This clever wedge pillow from Jill and Joey is just tailor made to give you a soothing experience and can offer comfort with your pelvic pain as well as sleeping issues through its unique dual-support design. Whether you want it soft or firm, it has got you covered.

It’s a fact that most pregnant mothers find themselves uncomfortable as their belly bump grows larger. It can cause so much of strain to their entire body and you are in dire need of support. However, with proper support provided to the belly, you can get rid of pregnancy pains and can sleep comfortably during the nights too. The manufacturers of this Jill and Joy pregnancy pillow wedge worked closely with the pregnant women to come up with a wonderful design to give moms an enjoyable experience throughout those 9 crucial months of their life.

The product has been designed in a way that it offers expecting moms the best possible support when it is needed the most. With customer satisfaction being the ultimate priority, the experts at the manufacturing company worked with the pregnant women and ensured that they come up with the best working design possible. So, you can expect the most accurate results and a comfortable experience overall.

Jill And Joey Pregnancy Pillow Wedge Review – Standout Features


The Jill and Joey Pregnancy Pillow Wedge has been designed to give mothers the ultimate comfort during pregnancy and it has a lot of wonderful features on offer too. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. No Rolling Over

The pregnancy pillow makes sure that you do not roll over as you sleep. Just put it behind the back and enjoy a restful sleep not having to worry about your baby bump. With this pillow wedge, you can sleep comfortably on the left side so that your baby gets the maximum supply of nutrients and blood through the placenta.

  • No More Pregnancy Pains

Use this wonderful product from Jill and Joey to relieve any kind of pregnancy pains by giving your belly the support it needs and reducing discomfort around the hips, lower back, and pelvis. Besides, it can also help you get rid of any swelling in the legs, hands, and feet.

  • Side Zipper Design

Designed with regular inputs from the pregnant women, this pillow has the zipper placed strategically on its side. It helps make sure that the zipper does not poke into your belly and no discomfort is caused.

  • High Quality Foam

It features top quality foam for ensuring that your pregnancy pillow doesn’t overheat and you stay cool and nice throughout the night. The foam uses polyurethane materials and is free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.

  • Free Travel Bag

That’s a big extra. If you are very active and you can’t stay at home for long, you can put the pillow into your travel bag and carry it along wherever you go. Yes, your support will travel with you and your pregnancy will be more comfortable than ever.


  1. Does the product have low VOC emissions?

Yes, it features polyurethane foam and offers the lowest possible VOCs.

  • Can this be used for knee pain?

Yes, you can use it for knee pain and get the desired level of comfort.

  • What is the fabric made out of?

It is super-soft cotton material and it is just wonderful to touch.

  • I recently had a shoulder surgery and need a pillow to cushion my arm for an international flight. Will this work?

This is quite a versatile pillow and it will definitely work for you and provide desired level of cushioning. Have a safe journey.

  • Does this pillow sleep hot?

To some it may feel like that but, generally, it can be used in the summer days as well even if you are on the second floor. So, it will work fine most of the times through the year.

The Jill and Joey pregnancy pillow wedge comes with a range of features which make it a perfect choice for expecting moms. In fact, you can use it after pregnancy as well if you get used to its soft texture and comfortable support it offers during the nights. It is something worth investing in and you can expect the desired level of comfort throughout your pregnancy with this pillow wedge serving as your partner during the nights.


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