Side sleeping is always touted as the best sleeping position. However, in some cases, it can aggravate sciatica back pain bulging and ruptured discs, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms, and spinal arthritis. Sleeping can also become a hassle when you are pregnant and your bump is continuously growing because you are carrying extra weight in your body and it can lead to back pain as well.

In either case, you need to buy the best pregnancy pillow for back pain in order to promote sleep and, in turn, ensure a healthy lifestyle even in those challenging days when your life has, literally, gone upside down.

These pregnancy pillows are often considered the best choice in such a situation as they can best help you get rid of the back pain in pregnancy. Often called as back alignment pillows, they have everything on offer to give you the comfort you need in pregnancy for getting rid of the back pain and other related issues.

What Are Full Body Pregnancy Pillows?

The full body pregnancy pillows are the oversized pillows that have been designed specifically to offer extraordinary comfort you need in pregnancy. Allowing you to get rid of your back pain, these pillows make sure that you have better sleep at night. They ensure that your spine is kept perfectly aligned throughout the night and that it gets the much-needed rest to alleviate any kind of back pain.

The full body pregnancy pillows tend to mold themselves according to the curves and contours of your body and keep the back perfectly straight right through the night while ensuring that you do not sleep on your stomach because otherwise you’ll end up developing back pain issues.

How They Make Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back Pain?

While these full body pillows may appear like a simple long pillow, they actually have a lot more to offer. Here is what makes them the best pregnancy pillow for back pain.

  • They Offer Full Body Support While Sleeping

These pillows are long enough to run along your entire body length providing full-body support as well as encouraging sleep in the most-appropriate position. You can place them between the knees to keep your spine aligned and adjust your legs and arms accordingly. It helps relieve any back pain related to pregnancy, bulging discs and sciatica.

  • They Offer Muscle Relaxation

Aligning your spine perfectly and equally distributing the weight of your legs and arms, these pillows help ensure that you are able to breathe better and your blood circulation is improved. As a result, the muscles are allowed to relax completely throughout the night

  • They Offer Simultaneous Support To Your Back and Belly

To be honest, full body pregnancy pillows are your only option against pregnancy-related back pain because during this period you cannot take any medication for such annoying issues as lower back pain. The use of body pillows can help you get rid of any such pains during the night and ensure comfortable sleep by providing support to your belly and the back simultaneously.

How To Use Fully Body Pillows For Lower Back Pain?

Side sleeping is widely deemed as the best position to sleep during pregnancy and your full body pillow can help you with that. Just draw the legs upwards and take them slightly towards the chest while resting the upper leg on your body pillow. It will make the upper hand to rest on your body pillow naturally as well. That’s it; sleeping in this position is definitely going to alleviate any pregnancy-related back pain.

The full body pregnancy pillows, literally, make the best pregnancy pillow for back pain. Learn how to use them to your benefit and find the best product in the market to reap their benefits.