According to the research, Dreams (Nightmares) can disturb your sleep during pregnancy. By physically and psychologically women can feel the changes after being pregnant. In pregnancy period dreaming volume can be up because continuously increasing the level of hormones in your body. The changes in hormones can disturb your sleep quality and it can be the biggest cause of getting more dreams. Do you have nightmares during pregnancy? Believe me! You are not alone in this world that having bad dreams in this situation.

Why am I having Nightmares During Pregnancy?

A woman worried about nightmares during pregnancy

Because of the interrupted sleep, there are more chances to have nightmares during your pregnancy period. If you don’t know, let me tell you that pregnancy is an emotionally intense experience and according to the 2016 study, most of the pregnant women had dreams about pregnancy and their unborn baby. So, your dreams can be more emotionally charged such as losing your baby, getting miscarriage, you give the birth to animal or something happen bad to your baby. Most of these kinds of dreams representing your stress and anxiety (low quality sleep, back pain or body pain, swelling, itchy, and heartburning) that you are facing during your pregnancy.

In another study, 75-to-80 percent of women shows that these nightmares are about pregnancy details, vivid, and unusual things. These dreams can take different shapes like you’ve got hurt your unborn baby accidentally or you got trapped by someone.

Nightmares During Pregnancy First Trimester

To be honest, there are so many types of dream during your first trimester but having a dream about water and fertility at your first trimester are quite common. Research said, ‌to have a dream about water, swimming, fishes, and especially your baby is floating in the water, are very usual dreams during the early stage of pregnancy.

Nightmares During Pregnancy Second Trimester

During the time of second trimester, most of the women feels some relax as compare to early stage of pregnancy. There are also many types of dream, a pregnant woman can face at that time. But as mentioned earlier “most of the woman feel some relax”, there are more chances to have a dream about little animals or about cute babies during the second trimester in your pregnancy.

Nightmares During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Nightmares are not common during the third trimester, research said, as you are emotionally connected with your baby so your dream can very harmful and sometime it can be very sweet.

  • In the terms of nightmares, you can have a dream that your baby got hurt or you are getting hurt because of your baby.
  • In the terms of sweet pregnancy dreams, you can have a dream that your upcoming baby suggesting you his/her name or maybe you will have a dream about your baby gender such as she will be a princess or a prince.

How to Stop Nightmares During Pregnancy?

A woman having an nightmare during pregnancy

It is common for pregnant women to have some changes in their dreams because of the enhancement of their hormones. You might be able to reduce the volume of nightmares by consulting your family doctor and also, following these simple instructions can help you to avoid those bad dreams.

Find out the Reason:

Pregnant Woman thinking abou the reason for nightmares

Trust me! If you can find out the reason why you are having bad dreams, you may allegeable to handle it perfectly. Health issues, worried about baby, and fear could be the top reasons to lead you into bad dream.

Avoid Nightmares by Relaxing Yourself:

A pregnant woman relaxing herself on the beach

During the pregnancy to relax, you can do some exercise on a daily basis, do not use alcohol or nicotine, you should do the proper meditation instructed by your doctor. Spend some time with your best friends or well-wishers and you can visit to the beautiful places for a while to relax your mind and body.  Think positive or something good that can make your mood happy especially before going to bed.

Take A Good Breath:

A Pregnant Woman Taking a Good Breath in Garden

When you start feeling that stress and anxiety came over to you, try to think about the good future of your baby or take a good breath.

Avoid Nightmares to Have Good Sense or Think Positive:

Women Smiling on Her Bed

After getting woke up If there’s a nightmare just talk to yourself, no matter what you had in your dream that was not the real world. It is very important to avoid the anxiety put some good sense in your thoughts.

Soft or Favorite Music:

A Women Listning her Favorite Songs During the Pregnancy

Listen some soft music especially before going to bed. It can give relax to your mind and you may have some peaceful thoughts for your upcoming baby.

Avoid to Eat Late Night:

Woman Eating more food in the night during pregnancy

Try not to eat very late it may not get digest properly and can be the cause of heartburn or digestive problems.


Woman Doing Meditation During Pregnancy

Meditation called as a mental exercise, it can help you to avoid physical and emotional stress during pregnancy. It can also help you to control your blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and relax your mind.

Pregnancy Massage:

A Pregnant Woman Having a Pregnancy Massage

Get a proper pregnancy massage at least three times a week. It can help your body to feel more relax and can lead you to avoid any other problems. Make sure that your massage therapist is professionally trained.

Sleeping Pills Approved by Doctor Only:

Sleeping Pills During Pregnancy

Sleeping pills are on the best solutions to avoid nightmares during your pregnancy but make sure it is approved by your family doctor. Many of the pills are not safe to take during the pregnancy but some of the pills exist that made from natural ingredients. Better to ask your doctor before taking any sleepy pill.

Other Tips:

  • Whatever the situation you have, always consult your doctor.
  • Always eat a balanced meal and avoid to eat over especially before go to bed.
  • Do always focus on positive things such as think about the good future of your baby.
  • Try to find out the new things to do that can make you busy or take a vacation in the last months to be focus on your health and baby.

Top Reasons Having Nightmares During Pregnancy

Top Reasons to Having Nightmares

Having some physical and emotional changes can be the cause of your destructive sleep. We are presenting some of the reasons that can give you nightmares during pregnancy.

Changing Hormones in Your Body:

Strange but true, getting more hormones in your body may lead you to nightmares. It starts increasing with your first day of pregnancy and during the labor, it will get reach on the peak. Hormones can be the biggest factor that you will see nightmares during your sleep.

Sleeping Issues:

Proved, chances are very high if you are facing some issues with your night sleep then you will have nightmares. Getting weight, changes in your center of gravity, having more hormones, back pain, itchy feet, and heartburn during pregnancy may disturb your sleep. The second trimester during your pregnancy is crucial for this type of problems.

Anxiety and Stress:

It is common for women to feel stress and anxiety during the pregnancy. There are so many reasons to get anxiety and stress such as always concerned about baby health, center of gravity, and heartburn. This issue may put negative thoughts in your mind and you will start bad dreaming.

Hope you will take a good sleep after following these instructions. Therefore, if you still struggling with the nightmares please do consult with your family doctor.

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