During the pregnancy period, there are so many things that you need to take care of them properly, especially your pillows that you are using for night sleep. If you are addicted with a full body pillow or you can not sleep without pregnancy pillow during your pregnancy then you should be worried about how to wash a pregnancy pillow properly to avoid the allergic issues.

How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow?

A white full body pregnancy pillow on the bed

Note: It’s all depends on what type of pregnancy pillow you are using, shape and size, material inside and their covers but some of them are really easy to wash and some of them needs a special care.

Before putting your pregnancy pillow in the washing machine just check the instructions on the care card or on the packing that should be provided by the manufactures of your pillow. They understand about their products and they can offer all the instructions that you need such as how to use a pregnancy pillow, and how you can wash them easily. If there’s nothing just follow the simple guide.

  1. Machine Washing for Your Pregnancy Pillow

A Woman Washing the Pillow with Machine Machine

Washing machine, one of the best and easiest ways to wash a pregnancy pillow. This method will give you more time to relax and take good care of yourself. You just need to put your pillow in the washing machin then washer and dryer will take care of everything. But that is another fact, if you are not used the machine washing perfectly then it can give a lot of damage to your pillow.

Simply, just put your pregnancy pillow into the washer with some sort of detergent or washing powder (Quantity depends on the pillow size), set the heat as low-to-medium always and then set the reasonable time (25-40 Minutes) to wash it. While using the washing machine for your pregnancy pillow just make sure some of these tips:

Shape and Size: If the shape and the size of your pillow are bigger (U-Shaped and fully body pillows are the types of big pregnancy pillows) than a normal pillow, it may not fit into a normal washing machine. Before putting the water or powder just make sure that your pillow can adjust for both washer and dryer.

Material: It depends on the type of pregnancy pillow you are using, the material can be a most critical factor about how to wash your pregnancy pillow.

Covers: Make it sure that you can easily remove your pillow cover then you can wash it separately. Maybe you will see more pillows inside after removing the cover, if the pillow size is big.

Zippers: If your pregnancy pillow has a zip, before putting into the washing machine you have to make sure, the zip has been closed properly. Otherwise, this method can give damage to your pillow.

Gentle Wash Cycles: If you are using the washing machine to wash your pillow, you should use a gentle wash cycle that will not damage your pillow’s fabric and material. Do not use bleach and other clothes with it.

A pregnancy pillow with open zip

Other Instructions:

  • If your pillow fits only into the washer and it will not fit in the drier then just use only the washer and for the dry method you can use the sunshine outside.
  • For the dryer, don’t set it on high heat because it can be effected for your pillow such as melt or shrink. Always, use the medium or low heat to dry your pregnancy pillow.

  2. How to Wash Pregnancy Pillows without Washing Machine

How to Wash a Pregnancy Pillow Without Washing Machine

Are you getting afraid to use the washing machine for your pregnancy pillow? Don’t worry! There’s a still solution that cannot destruct your pillow.  As we discussed earlier, wash the pregnancy pillow is all depend on the type, shape, size, and the material.

Hand washing is more than the better way as compare to use the washing machine if your pillow made with the non-chemical materials. It can take more time but still, it is one of the easiest ways to do that. Without wasting the time, lest go to the following recommendations:

Before washing just make sure that you will have all these things,

  • Large Plastic Tubs (2-3)
  • Absorbent Bath Towels (2-3)
  • Detergent or Washing Powder

Cover: Remove the pillow cover before wash it and if it with a zipper just remove it carefully.

Water: Put the warm water in the tub to dip your pillow in it.

Detergent or Powder: Add detergent or washing powder (Depends on the pillow size) and then swirl it until the bubbles come up.

Soak The Pillow: If the bubbles come up, soak the pillow and try to move around your pregnancy pillow with the soft hands. If it’s needed just do a little massage to make sure that washing powder is working properly and it’s removing all dirty spots.

Rinse: One of the most important processes is rinsing, get the cold water in another plastic tube and rinse the pillow for couple of times until the clean water comes up.

Dry: Use the absorbent bath towel to make it dry, most of the pregnancy pillows can take a long time to dry because of the absorbent materials.

Sunshine: Hang your pillow on any clean and dry place that can be open for sunshine and move it randomly to expose the different areas for sunlight. After that, just make sure your pillow got dry properly and there is no more wet area.

Clothes to Dry in the Sunlight

How to Keep Pregnancy Pillow Neat and Clean

After washing your pregnancy pillow the question can come up into your mind that how you will keep your pregnancy pillow clean?

A Clean white Pregnany Pillow on Bed

Well! Don’t move anywhere, just read some of the following instructions.

Hang in the Air: Hang your pregnancy pillow for couple of hours in the sunlight every day. With this process, your pillow will be a fresh, shine, and fluffy for a long time.

Wash: To keep clean it clean and shiny, you should wash your pillow properly once in a month.

Proper Dry: For the long time usage, you have to make sure you are drying your pregnancy pillow properly.

A Special Note: You can also use your pregnancy pillow after the cute baby birth.

I wish you will have a happy and healthy life with your clean pregnancy pillow.

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