Pregnancy pillows make a great investment as you can’t just use them in pregnancy but after your pregnancy as well. Women are often seen using pregnancy pillows a long time after their pregnancy is over and they have weaned their baby. But a major question that is often asked is how to use pregnancy pillow effectively.

Well, these pillows can be positioned in so many different ways based on the different types of pains and aches you may be experiencing. Besides, pregnancy pillows are also available in a range of different sizes and shapes too. So, it is always advised that you go with a pregnancy pillow that fits your specific needs.

Positioning A Pregnancy Pillow Appropriately

Perfect Positions to Use the Pregnancy Pillows

Let’s get into the details of how you can position your pregnancy pillow to have ultimate comfort during the nights. There are a few options you can try and they are listed below.

  • Wedge the Pregnancy Pillow Under the Belly

As you lie on the side, put your U-shaped, wedge-shaped, or full length pregnancy pillow under the belly. Doing so will be helpful in supporting the belly and also the back muscles when you sleep.

  • Place it Between your Arms and Legs

You can always wrap your arms and legs around your U-shaped or a full body pillow to have the desired comfort level. Make sure that the pillow’s center is providing support to your belly. It’s just like cuddling or hugging the pillow. When the pillow is placed between the arms and the legs, it helps relieve any tension in the knee as well as ankle joints.

  • Wrap your Pillow Around the Back

You can always wrap your J-, U-, or C-shaped pillow along the back taking it between your legs. Sleeping in this position will provide support to your upper and lower back, as well as the pelvis, as you sleep. In case, if you don’t feel comfortable while sleeping on the back, the pillows can ensure you do not roll on your back as you sleep. The wedge pillows can also be placed behind the back for support lower back area. .

  • Support your Neck and the Head

The wedge pillows can be placed underneath the regular pillows for providing additional support to your neck and head. It’s a sleeping position that helps relive various symptoms like heartburn and acid reflux. When using a U-, C-, or J-shaped pregnancy pillow, make sure your spine is well-aligned by placing the head and the neck on your pillow just like you do with your regular pillows.

How To Use Pregnancy Pillow – Practices For Using

As you know, there are different types of pregnancy pillows out there in the market. Each of these pillow types can be used in various different ways to achieve different results. Let’s find out how each pillow could be used.

Wedge Pillows

Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are perfect for relieving strain from the belly as you sleep on a side. They can be used after pregnancy as well to give comfort to your back when breastfeeding the baby. Here’s how to use them.

  • Under the belly: Wedge lower side of the pillow underneath your belly as you lie on the side to enjoy appropriate spinal alignment.
  • Under the head: Place the pillow under the head in a way that wedge’s lower side starts below your neck. It will be helpful in relieving heartburn as well as acid reflux, and will also comfort your head and neck.
  • Behind the back: For extra comfort as you sit up in your bed or a chair while feeding your little one, place the wedge behind your back.

J-Shape Pillow

A Pregnant Woman is sleeping with J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

These pillows make a wonderful bedtime accessory in pregnancy offering support to your bump, back, and the knees without intruding into the space of your partner. They come with a longer side which supports your knees and the indented area on top offers comfort to your head. The short support on other side is perfect for the back. Here’s how to use them.

  • Around the back: If you often roll onto the back and wake up with discomfort, place longer side of the pillow around your back and get perfect support while preventing yourself from rolling over.
  • Between the legs: Hugging the pillow and placing its longer side under the top leg is probably your best way to use this pillow.

Full Length Pillow

Full Length Pillow for Preganent Women

These pillows turn out to be the best ones when it comes to making ergonomic adjustments so that they can fit any body shape and size. So, they work best throughout your pregnancy. They’ve been designed to offer support to your pelvis, belly, lower back, ankles, and knees. Check out how you can best use them.

  • In any position: These pillows can be placed in almost any position that makes you feel comfortable and get the desired support.
  • Between the legs: Keep the pillow under the top leg, and do not sandwich it between both your legs ensuring that there’s no extra pressure on the bottom leg while fluid retention is encouraged too.

So, if you have been wondering how to use pregnancy pillow, it all depends on your specific needs and the type of pillow you have bought for yourself. Each pillow can offer different level of comfort when used in a certain way. Just follow the tips above and make your pregnancy comfortable.