Getting appropriate sleep to maintain a healthy body and mind is particularly important when you’re pregnant and have to take care of two.

However, the sleep is likely to become increasingly fleeting as you go further into your pregnancy. As your body grows, it experiences lots of changes, and the struggle to have uninterrupted sleep never ends. If you have been using multiple pillows for giving enough support to your hips and sore back, and to ensure appropriate spinal alignment, you can now replace all those pillows with one single alternative – the PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow. Why? Let’s try to find out!

C-Shaped Body
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Built to offer overall comfort, the PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body pillow can provide the required amount of support for all the stages during your pregnancy. Besides, it has been built with neck, back, and hip pain in mind, giving excellent support to anyone in search of perfect cervical alignment as they sleep at night. Similar to most of the full-body pillow designs, it’s also recommended for surgery and injury recovery. If you suffer from sciatica and Fibromyalgia, this pillow will make a perfect choice for you because it will easily replace several pillows that you often use otherwise for reducing joint pain as well as easing any pressure points.

The pillow is meant to provide perfect balance of support and comfort to your belly, legs, hips, and the back. It will give you superior comfort as you sleep. In fact, even if you’re not sleeping, it can be used for sitting upright in your bed for reading or watching TV. It also makes a wonderful nursing pillow as well.

Supporting your spine, neck, head, back, legs, and hips, this pregnancy pillow can be a single replacement for up to five different pillows that you might be using already. It also gives perfect balance of support and comfort with the help of its polyfill material and makes sure that your hips and belly get exactly the kind of support you need for them.

It is a multi-purpose pillow that can be positioned in a variety of different configurations on the bed, sofa, couch, and even on the floors. The super soft
material, double-stitch seams, and the machine washable cover all combine to make it a perfect product.

PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow Review – Standout Features



The PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow makes a perfect choice for pregnant women as well as others suffering from certain conditions like sciatica and Fibromyalgia. What makes it the best are these wonderful standout features.

  1. C-Shaped Pillow Design

With its unique C-shaped design, the pillow makes the ultimate choice for pregnant women and can replace several bed pillows rather easily. It can extend support for your hips, knees, back, neck and the head.

  • Multipurpose Usage

This maternity pillow is a multipurpose solution to a range of needs you may have as a pregnant woman. Besides, its polyfill material can easily
adapt to the unique needs of your back and belly as you lay on it for sleeping, nursing, reading, or even watching TV. It will never let you down.

  • Helps With Pains During 3rd Trimester

When you get into the third trimester of your pregnancy, the pains tend to increase and you get the most uncomfortable while sleeping. However, the PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow helps relieve pains and ensure you get a much better sleep and no interruptions happen during the night. It will help ensure that you don’t have any pregnancy-related back pain.

  • Can Server Other Uses Too

The pillow is perfect for anybody in need of more support to recover from surgery. If you don’t want to use separate pillows to get the desired support during the recovery phase, this pillow is just perfect for you and will offer support for your head, neck, back and legs effectively.

  • Machine Washable Cover

The body pillow comes with a zippered cover and that can be removed easily for quick cleaning. It will still remain comfy and soft even after more
than 300 washes.

  • Double-Stitch Seams

Most common pillows have one single problem i.e. they ripped off from their
seams. This one, however, comes with double-stitched seams to ensure added durability.

  • Super-Soft Material

The pillow comes with a polyfill fiber blend inside that is meant to offer ultimate comfort and better support density when weight is applied to it.

FAQs About PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow



  1. Does the pillow have memory foam in it?

No, it doesn’t. It comes with comfortable polyfill fiber that will stay soft and supportive despite being thinner.

  • Is the pillow machine washable?

It came out just fine even after several washes. Just make sure it gets a gentle wash and is dried the regular way. You can expect it not to stay the same though.

  • What material is the pillow filled with?

It is filled with polyester hollow fiber.

  • Is it super firm?

Well, to be honest, it is very well-balanced. It is perfect for someone who likes super-soft pillows but can still have enough firmness to give you the right
kind of support in pregnancy. So, if you want balanced support in pregnancy, this is the pillow you should definitely buy.

  • Would this be too big for use on a full-size bed while sleeping with my partner?

Yes, it may be too big for that kind of setting. You may be used to using U-shaped pregnancy pillows and wedges but if nothing of that sort is working for you in pregnancy and you still need better support, the PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow is just tailor-made for you. The pillow serves multiple purposes and can be a replacement to various pillows you might be using to support different parts of your body in pregnancy. It comes with a range of standout features and makes a product worth investing in. Super-soft and durable, it shouldn’t let you steer away to different other options available and must be your go-to choice.