You’ve landed here because you must be in search of that cradling support and comfort for the entire body during pregnancy. You want rejuvenating, high-quality sleep every night as a pregnant or nursing mother and that’s only possible with the help of the best quality pregnancy pillow. If you want our pick here, we’d suggest ComfySure pregnancy pillow and for many good reasons.

The pillow comes with a range of great features that are all tailored to give expecting moms the ultimate comfort they deserve. Let’s find out what makes this pregnancy pillow the best and what you can expect when you buy this pillow.

ComfySure Pregnancy Pillow Reviews


First and foremost, using this full body pillow from ComfySure will help you enjoy a restful sleep throughout the night delivering full support to your body no matter what sleeping position you prefer. The name itself comforts you and the products from the brand are just a reflection of that.

So, you don’t need to toss and turn throughout the night anymore as this full body pillow from ComfySure is there to help you get a comforting sleep.

The pillow is made using completely hypoallergenic fabric and is designed specifically from the coziest and comfiest of materials. It gives you the kind of support which ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the night and culminates the need for constantly repositioning yourself which is often the case when you don’t get enough support from those cheaper pillows.

The ComfySure pregnancy pillow offers all the support women need both in pregnancy and nursing. The design of this pillow has been recommended even by the medical professionals. It is great for women who need some extra support during their bedtime. But it works best in pregnancy and gives your body all the relaxation it needs. Even people with sciatica, congestion, fibromyalgia, gastric re-flux, and carpal tunnel syndrome can rely on this comforting body pillow.

You can lounge on it anytime while it nurses the baby in the day providing that extra support your body needs for nursing the baby. Overall, it’s a great pick and if you look into its features, you have a lot of positive points to talk about.

ComfySure Pregnancy Pillow Review – Standout Features

Black Trouser pregnant women sleepin on ConfySure Pregnancy Pillow

There is a range of standout features that you can expect from this pregnancy pillow and here we listed them all for you.

  1. U-Shaped Design

Even though the pillow has been designed for the breastfeeding or expecting mothers, the U-shaped full body pillow also makes a perfect choice for side sleepers. It helps them separate the legs while giving their belly, arm, neck, and bump the desired amount of support alleviating any discomfort and pain.

  • Multi-Functional Positions

The body pillow can be your perfect partner for lounging and can quickly turn into a reading cushion too. The sleeping pillow gives you lumbar support and prevents repositioning during the sleep. It also helps relieve sciatica and any other aches you may experience during pregnancy. It’s an extra-large pregnancy pillow and makes a perfect choice for king and queen size beds.

  • Plus and Hypoallergenic

The pregnancy pillow is made with 100% polyester. So, it is a perfect choice for anyone with allergies or some sensitivity to their skin. It can even be used after you have given birth to your child as they can rest on it while you breastfeed them. When you have it with you, you won’t need any other cushions or pillows around your bed and will be able to enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

  • Machine Washable

Cleaning this pillow is never a hassle and it can be machine-washed any time. Just make sure that you wash it on a delicate, cold cycle.

  • The Support You Need

The ComfySure pregnancy pillow offers you all the support you need. This U-shaped nursing and maternity pillow will be helpful in keeping the entire body relaxed. You get enough support for your side and the back as well. Besides, it extends support to your arm, neck, and the tummy too while making it look simple to turn over. You can enjoy any sleeping position as you like while getting full breathing support as your pillow relieves all the pressure and keeps you comfortable.


White Color COmfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
  1. Does this pillow come with a pillow case or cover?

Yes, it has a white pillow case to accompany it. It is the same size as your pillow and is big enough to accommodate it.

  • What’s the material used in the pillow case?

It is microfiber fabric. It is 100% hypoallergenic as well.

  • How soft is this pillow? Will it work for me as I can’t sleep on the high pillows?

It is extremely soft as it is tailored to serve the needs of pregnant women throughout those most uncomfortable 9 months of pregnancy. It’s not too high and will fit nicely around the body.

  • Will two of these pillows fit on a queen sized bed at a time?

Yes, that’s possible and you will still have enough room behind. It is meant to give you ultimate comfort and can be used in a variety of positions.

  • Is the zipper on the outside or inside of this pillow?

The zipper lies on its outside all along its top. Nevertheless, you won’t get in contact with it and will be able to sleep comfortably.

ComfySure pregnancy pillow is the ultimate choice for pregnant women and expecting mothers. It is large enough to fit their entire body and is designed specifically to give them a comforting experience throughout the night. Pregnancy is always a hard time for the expecting mothers and they can develop different types of aches and discomfort, carrying a lot of weight in their belly. But this pillow is meant to ease all that discomfort and give moms an experience they will cherish for the rest of their life. Even if you are not pregnant and just want comforting sleep at night, this pillow can still make a good choice for you. So, buy now and start exploring its great features!


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